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Summary Of Concept

Nummus® Platform is a global peer to peer lending, borrowing and income generating solution
that simultaneously addresses current challenges faced by Borrowers and Lenders alike.

Problem for those wishing to invest their money

  • Opportunity to invest money for great profits is limited to select few privileged insiders.
  • Average person has two choices to grow wealth: home equity and value growth and 401K investments.

Problem for those wishing to borrow money

  • Cost of borrowing money is too high.
  • Lenders offer non-negotiable Interest rates, and borrower has no chance of soliciting his own terms and offerings.
  • Borrows that are unable to meet Bank’s requirements, approach Private lenders. Private lenders change much higher fees and rates.
  • Individuals owning assets may require infusion of cash without willing to liquidate their prized possessions. Currently, collateralized funds can be obtained at Pawn shops but only certain small personal items can be used as collateral.

Nummus® Solution

Buy Nummus® Token
Trade on Crypto Exchange and/on
Go on Nummus® platform
View Investment Projects

Fund Borrower

Buy Nummus® Token (to be eligible to list borrowing terms)
Post Project for funding and specify terms
Obtain funding Repay loan

What Is Nummus®

Peer to Peer
Lending Ecosystem

Nummus® Network is global peer to peer lending ecosystem that allows asset owner to offer verified assets as collateral and set their own borrowing terms on interest and equity. While, Investors will have an array of investment opportunities to choose from based on desired risk/reward goals in a highly secured and collateralized lending paradigm.

Nummus® Network presents unprecedented and unique opportunity for independent Investors around the world to tap into the world of lending money worth billions of dollars, to lend money and receive returns on this investment.

Nummus® Network will first offer several collateralized and verifiable asset classes such as such as real estate, stocks, crypto currencies, art, jewelry and automobiles, and will enable people from around the globe to invest (lend) funds to the Borrowers/Fund Seekers on such asset backed transactions.

All transactions will be captured via smart contracts on Ethereum Platform, ensuring security, transparency, tracking and accountability for Investors, Borrowers/Fund Seekers and Independent Asset trustee (escrow).

As crypto currencies are changing the banking industry, Nummus® eco system will change the collateral and secured lending and investing industry.

Activities to Date

Nummus® Pre-ICO

  • iMetros Real Estate Development and Technology firm established. 2012
  • Vision for Real Estate development funding via Crypto currency solidified. 2017
  • Nummus® Business plan, White Paper – Completed
  • Nummus® ICO page – Completed
  • Advisors and Partners – Completed
  • Marketing – Completed
  • Nummus® Initial Beta Platform – Completed

Seed Money Fund Raising

Seeking qualified investors to invest in Pre-ICO Funding Round.

Amount needed to raise is $2,000,000.

Fund raising Target timeline: 4.1.2018 to 6.1.2018

Funds raised will be used to further develop Numus beta transactions.

Once Nummus® platform is sufficiently developed, Nummus® ICO will be launched.


June 2012
Imetros real estate firm is established
July 2012
Imetros began investing of real estate projects
August 2018
Nummus® Token Sale Live
November 2018
Nummus® Tokens available of crypto currency exchangesdeployed into crypto-markets and real estate
September 2018
Numus Token Sale Completed
July 2018
Nummus® Token Pre-Sale Live
October 2018
Fund audit by KPMG completed. Funds deployed into crypto-markets and real estate

Management Partners
& Advisors

Nummus® Platform is currently seeking Advisors for the following roles:

  • ICO Strategy and Execution Advisor
  • Ethereum Block Chain/ Smart Contracts Advisor
  • Cyber Security Advisor
  • Legal & Privacy Advisor
  • Regulatory & Compliance Advisor
  • Marketing & Public Relations Advisor
  • Crypto currency trading platforms
  • Crypto Currency Conferences
  • Crypto currency thought leaders
  • Banking Lending Industry Leaders
  • Real Estate Development Industry Leaders
  • Asset Appraisers Industry Leaders
  • Nummus ®Platform Leadership has submitted Private Placement Memorandum (PPM). Click here to view.
  • Seeking qualified investors to invest in Pre-ICO Funding Round.
  • Amount needed to raise TBD
  • Fund raising Target timeline: TBD
  • Funds raised will be used to develop Numus Initial Platform and launch beta transactions.
  • Beta Nummus® Platform Initial Completion: TBD
  • Once Nummus® Beta platform is operational, Nummus® ICO will be launched.